The College of Medicine Education Center serves several functions in the College of Medicine

  • Coordination of all teaching activities through the four years of medical school. The schedules for all four years of medical school are set through this office, including the selection and scheduling of the senior elective courses and clerkships.
  • Preparation of course syllabi, handouts, and examinations. Information provided by course directors may be distributed during classes or through this office. Students may come to this office any time they have questions on any course materials.
  • Evaluation of courses, faculty, and teaching programs within the College of Medicine. Office personnel compile and summarize data on the teaching programs including course and faculty evaluations. Course debriefings are also scheduled and conducted through this office. The debriefings are meetings held at the end of courses in which student representatives meet with course faculty and representatives of the College of Medicine Curriculum Committee and Dean’s Office. The sessions provide an opportunity for students to provide feedback and influence the future planning of the course as the strengths and weaknesses of each course are discussed.
  • Coordination of the advisor program. Advisors are assigned through the office. They are then informed of students’ progress in academic course work. If students have any problems associated with the advisor program, they should report them to this office.