Although each proposal will be judged on its own merit, the grant amount awarded will generally not exceed $5,000, but could be approved up to $10,000.

Travel funds requested must be necessary for conducting project activities, e.g. travel to a research site. Please do not include registration fees or travel to professional meetings in your budget. If you present your findings from a COMCEC-funded project at a regional or national meeting during the grant year, you may submit a request for travel funds to the Associate Dean for Medical Education for consideration.

COMCEC grant funds cannot be used to pay the salary or a portion of the salary of the Principal Investigator, Co-investigators, or any other full-time employee of the University of Florida. However, please provide an estimate of the percent of time that will be devoted to this project by the investigator(s) in the personnel section of the line item budget.

The Office of Medical Education will provide assistance with experimental design, psychometrics, and statistical analysis. The grantee is responsible for data collection, storage of any raw data, and data entry.

Allowable expenditures include:

  • Consultant or temporary employee such as a part-time research assistant
  • Costs associated with using the Harrell Assessment Center. This includes the hiring and training of standardized patients and costs associated with videotaping
  • Materials and office supplies
  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Purchase of published instruments such as tests, attitude scales, or personality assessments. Questionnaires and/or surveys, developed for use in your research project, can be administered online or via Scantron sheets. The Office for Medical Education will be happy to assist you.
  • Food and other incentives for participation will be reviewed on a case by case basis and may be approved if there is adequate justification.

Examples of expenses that are not allowed include:

  • Faculty release time
  • Memberships or dues
  • Subscriptions
  • Travel to meetings
  • Computer hardware