Research Proposal – Narrative

The COMCEC Faculty Education Research Grant proposal is expected to be no more than three to five single-spaced pages. The proposal must include the following sections:

  1. Specific Aims (What are the study objectives or research questions?)
  2. Background/Supporting literature (How does the proposed study build on or expand previous research?)
  3. Preliminary work (if applicable)
  4. Methods
    • Experimental design
    • Participants and setting
    • Power calculation (if possible)
    • Describe the Intervention (if applicable)
    • Procedures
    • This section should include measurable outcomes. Provide evidence of reliability and validity of measures or a plan to address these issues
    • Data analysis plan
  5. Timeline for proposed activities
  6. References/Bibliography
  7. Budget and Budget Justification

Sample Proposal: Dahm