Reporting Requirements – Important Dates

If required by the COMCEC Review Committee, a copy of your approved IRB-protocol must be submitted to Dr. Lou Ann Cooper, CG-78, prior to any data collection.

For grants awarded last cycle (the 2014-15 fiscal year), a final expenditures report must be completed and submitted to the Office of Medical Education by June 26, 2015. If your grant is funded during the current cycle (2015-2016), the final expenditure report is due June 24, 2016. Unexpended funds will revert to the Office of Medical Education. In addition, please include an Interim Progress Report (no more than one page) that details project activities conducted and any preliminary results.

The final research report, preferably in manuscript format, should be submitted to Dr. Maureen Novak, Associate Dean for Medical Education and Chair of the COMCEC Committee, no later than two years from the date of the award notification. For current recipients who received grants July 2014, the deadline for compliance is July 1, 2016.  For grants awarded for this cycle (2015-2016) the final report is due July 3, 2017.  This report should restate the objectives, describe project activities, and detail significant research findings for those who are awarded grants in this cycle.

In the event that a substantial change to the project becomes necessary during the grant period, an interim report must be prepared and submitted to the COMCEC Committee describing the reasons for the change and substantiating any changes to the approved budget.

Requests for extensions are strongly discouraged. Only in exceptional circumstances will requests to extend deadlines be considered.