Review Process and Criteria

Each proposal will be reviewed by members of the COMCEC Research Committee. A copy of the Evaluation Form can be viewed and detailed criteria reviewers will use to evaluate each proposal are listed below.


I. Rationale for the Project

  • Review of the literature
    • Theoretical or conceptual framework is identified.
    • Relationship of the proposed study to previous research is established.
  • Educational significance
    • Results of this study will contribute to the solution of a practical
      or theoretical problem.
    • The study will add to what is known in the proposed area of research.
    • What benefits to the UFCOM and/or to medical education at the University of Florida are expected from this project?¬† Estimate the number of learners to be impacted by this project.

II. Research Design/Methodology

  • Research questions/hypotheses.
    • Aims are specific and clearly stated.
    • Study variables are identified and operationalized.
    • Research hypotheses are clear, concise, and logically developed.
  • Study design and methods
    • There is a complete description of the research design and it is appropriate for answering the questions posed.
    • Sample and sampling procedure
    • The population and sample are described.
    • The sampling method is appropriate and feasible.
    • Power calculation (if possible)
    • Educational intervention is described in sufficient detail.
    • Study instruments are appropriate. If instruments are to be developed in this study the procedure for establishing reliability and validity is adequately described. If previously validated instruments are to be used, provide justification based on previous literature.
    • Procedures including data gathering methods are clearly described and are appropriate given the problem under investigation.
    • Data analysis methods are appropriate and described in sufficient detail.

III. Feasibility

  • Timeline and procedures for implementation of the proposed activities are delineated and the¬†proposed project can be completed within the grant period.
  • Budget and Justification
    • Principal investigator (PI) and Co-PIs, if any, can give adequate time to this project.
    • Resources are adequate to carry out this project.
    • The budget amount requested is reasonable given the activities proposed and is cost-effective.

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to apply to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to obtain an exemption or approval for the proposed research. For educational research projects you may use IRB-02, the Behavioral/NonMedical Institutional Review Board. This process can take 2 – 4 weeks and must be completed prior to initiating the study. Forms and instructions for submitting a protocol can be accessed at In general, most educational research studies will receive expedited review by IRB-02. If the study involves an activity or instructional technique designed to enhance the curriculum of a course in which the participants are enrolled or provides training in the conduct of such professional activities as interview procedures, the study may receive an exemption. If you have any questions regarding the IRB process, please contact Dr. Lou Ann Cooper at (352) 273-5324 or email